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Are You at Risk for Postpartum Depression?

With 70 – 80% of American women experiencing the “baby blues” and approximately one in seven battling postpartum depression (PPD), Dr. Alan shares five key factors that put women at higher risk for facing PPD.

How to Choose Your Doctor: 5 Things to Ask Your Obstetrician

Dr. Alan believes too many doctors treat pregnant women like problems, not people. He suggests five questions women should ask their providers before deciding to work with them for pregnancy and delivery.

The Real Solution for UTIs (Hint: It’s Not Antibiotics)

For patients in long-term care, antibiotic stewardship is too late. There can be many reasons for long-term patients having UTIs that could be avoided with good preventive care.

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You?

When women approach menopause and begin to experience changes in their bodies, their next thought is often about whether hormone replacement will help. Dr. Alan shares his insights.

Can Stretch Marks Be Prevented? Not Exactly, but Try This.

Dr. Alan shares the cause of stretch marks and how women can combat them before, during, and after pregnancy.

3 Questions Parents Ask After Birth

Dr. Alan answers three of the most common questions parents ask after baby arrives. He covers breastfeeding, family beds, and when to start potty training.

Breastfeeding Tips From an Award-Winning Obstetrician

Once baby arrives, many new mothers struggle with breastfeeding. From helping baby latch on to avoiding mastitis, Dr. Alan shares his essential tips.

Endometriosis Q&A: Dr. Alan Answers Women’s Most Common Questions

How does endometriosis get triggered in the body? What happens if it’s left untreated? What are the early symptoms of endometriosis? Does it come on suddenly, or form slowly over time? Can you still have a healthy pregnancy and birth with this condition? Dr. Alan explains.

Blood Pressure, Blood Loss, and Pre-Eclampsia in Pregnancy

Yes, most births in the US occur without incident. But you want to be prepared for an emergency.

Dr. Alan Talks Maternal Mortality Solutions

The reality is, insurance makes the rules and the physicians are forced to follow them, causing a great deal of harm to many people — both mothers and babies. Doctors need to take back control of medicine. The physicians and patients should be in charge of determining what care is needed. The lives and well-being of pregnant women depend upon it.

The Biggest Risks to Birthing Women? Delay and Denial.

After more than four decades of obstetric practice, Dr. Alan says doctors get into the most trouble when they don’t listen. Some say obstetrics is nature at work. Dr. Alan says paying close attention to patients is the only way to learn the subtleties and easily overlooked signs required for a safe delivery.

Learn How to Steer Your Pregnancy

Knowing that we can choose our goals makes it possible to change what we don’t like. Steering pregnancy helps moms, dads, and babies do better.

Safe Pregnancy, Safe Delivery

Dr. Alan shares tips for how expectant mothers can navigate pregnancy and delivery safely, creating the best outcomes for mother and baby.

It’s Time to Take a Look at Rural-Urban Healthcare Disparities

A huge part of the US population resides in rural areas that don’t have the same easy access to healthcare. This disparity became especially apparent during the pandemic. “Rural Doc” Alan shares insight into the harsh healthcare realities rural Americans can sometimes face.
Patients often assume surgeons do C-sections exactly alike. In reality, each surgeon develops their own preferred way of doing a C-section, and some techniques are better than others. It is important for patients to know what's involved in a C-section surgery, and to know what questions to ask before they undergo the procedure.

5 Must-Know Maternal Safety Tips Before You Give Birth

Dr. Alan shares accurate, trustworthy information you need to play an active, knowledgeable role in caring for yourself and your baby before, during, and after delivery.

Baby’s Here, Now What? Must-Know Tips for the “Fourth Trimester”

From self-care, to doctor visits for mom and baby, to how to get some sleep and much more, Dr. Alan shares important tips to help new mothers navigate the first few months after giving birth.

How to Have a Safe Homebirth

Dr. Alan talks homebirth safety, including how to prepare for it, what support to have on hand, and what to do if you need to switch to a hospital birth.

How to Prevent Osteoporosis

Dr. Alan shares insights about bone health and tips for helping women avoid osteoporosis.

5 Surprising Things You Should/Shouldn’t Do During Pregnancy

From “health foods” that are unexpectedly on the “no” list, to how to handle headaches and indigestion, to whether it’s okay to have sex and more, Dr. Alan shares some surprising dos and don’ts of pregnancy.

Pregnant Over 40? Dr. Alan Weighs In.

As more and more women give birth later in life, many wonder how safe it is for themselves and their babies. Dr. Alan shares his insight and expertise.

Pregnancy After Miscarriage: What You Need to Know

How long do you have to wait to get pregnant after miscarriage? What is the probability that the miscarriage will occur again? Does additional testing help or hurt? Dr. Alan addresses some of women’s most common questions and concerns.

Do You Really Need That Fetal Test?

During pregnancy, women are offered several different tests to assess the health of their baby. Which tests are most needed, and which are okay to skip? Should women with higher-risk pregnancies undergo more or less testing? What do the results mean? Dr. Alan shares his expertise.

5 Secrets for an Easier Labor

From early labor through birth, Dr. Alan shares tips women and their partners and birthing support professionals can use to help things go more smoothly.
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